Bed Wetting

Bed wetting during sleep or Nocturnal Enuresis can result in soiled or wetted bedding. Fluids may soak through the linen and into the mattress or may become trapped against the person’s skin for a long period of time which may result in skin irritation and increased odour. Where fluid discharge during sleep is expected, it is often the solution to provide so-called “rubber sheets” which tend to be both liquid and vapour impermeable. While such solutions prevent the discharge from soaking into the mattress, they do not necessarily permit ready evaporation of the liquid thus accentuating discomfort and contributing to discomfort even when dry because of their lack of permeability. A moisture vapour permeable (breathable) bed cover can not be considered for mattress protection as liquid will still pass through and reach the mattress by vapour transfer.

Medically, it would be useful to have an absorbent protective garment which enables certain bodily fluids such as perspiration to evaporate.

There are numerous publications and patents on absorbent and disposable diapers, napkins and pads for incontinence but there has been little progress towards non-disposable or launderable absorbent undergarments. The demand for absorbent underwear has risen sharply especially in terms of the adult incontinence market due to the ever increasing ageing population. This has led to new innovations, including an absorbent undergarment akin to regular underwear expected to rapidly attain increasing popularity. There is also a growing trend in odour control products usually using silver fiber technologies. Preferably, these garments/products should be virtually indistinguishable from normal garments/products in comfort, wearability, durability, style, and, of course remain inconspicuous.

The best possible method to limit night time worries is therefore a liquid impermeable fabric material such as Mystex™, which permits, if one wears Releaf™, the absorption and retention of minor volumes of liquids while allowing evaporation.

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