ReleafTM, the discreet moisture vapour permeable fabric for light incontinence

Discreet protection

Despite the diligence of the textile and paper industries in providing products for mild incontinence and menstrual flow, the market has yet to experience a material or a product which is genuinely discreet, reusable, inconspicuous. The thickness alone gives an institutional or “adult diaper” appearance and a level of comfort which leaves much to be desired.

What is needed is a material from which articles can be manufactured which is effective, comfortable and functional as the articles they are designed to replace.

There is a need for a material which closely conforms to typical materials in wearability and washability. Such a material could be used as the fabric for the garments themselves or as a functional garment lining.

Most women/men feel that their problems with minor incontinence and menstrual flow are trivial and do not warrant wearing a bulky uncomfortable garment. However, there is clearly a need for a liquid impermeable fabric material, which permits the absorption and retention of minor volumes of liquids while the liquid is allowed to evaporate such as ReleafTM.

moisture vapour permeable fabric Survey results reveal women/men over the age of thirty-five, child bearers, and individuals who have undergone surgery, have minor incontinence problems. There are also various other conditions which result in incontinence. Research indicates that because there is no product to address this problem, women and some men are using sanitary napkins to cope with their needs. Most sanitary napkins have a wicking component and prolonged use may cause serious chafing, drying and itching.

Researchers have also found a high level of discomfort for women/men who use very bulky pads as they become heavy when soiled. Liquid impermeability produces wetting on the outer garments and since odour control is not present, the outcome leads to significant discomfort. ReleafTM contains anti-microbial and odour control components and our fabric is also highly moisture vapour permeable. The end result is a comfortable, functional and discreet garment.

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