Releaf TM for Light Days -
designed for mild incontinence and
menstrual strike through

Before, the need for reusable products for minor incontinence problems was not addressed properly, and there were no permanent comfortable inconspicuous garments for menstrual use. There are products for serious incontinence problems, and there are feminine devices to be used during the menstrual cycle but no products to effectively deal with minor incontinence and menstrual strike through.

Urinary incontinence is the " involuntary loss of urine that is objectively demonstrable and a social or hygienic problem".

There are numerous situations wherein the discharge of bodily fluids presents problems in day-to-day life. Types of bodily fluid include, but are not necessarily limited to: perspiration, menstrual flow and other vaginal discharges, urine and fecal emissions, salivation and nasal emissions, lactation in nursing females, and nocturnal discharge. Involuntary emissions often lead to embarrassing situations where they exude through and are visible on clothing and/or result in transmission of odours. Many proposals have been offered for dealing with these problems and these can be categorized broadly into solutions involving emissions of large or small volumes. Large volume emissions such as infant urinary and fecal excretions, incontinence and heavy menstrual flow typically require the use of highly absorbent materials, for example in the form of diapers for both adults and infants, and feminine hygienic products such as tampons, pads and liners, to retain the emitted matter until the absorbent can be removed and, if necessary, replaced. Oftentimes, such products are disposable for convenience or because the absorption changes the structure of the product so that it cannot be reused. Typically, these products are relatively conspicuous due to their bulk or noise they might generate (i.e. in the case of adult diapers) when moving about.

Smaller volume emissions involving light menstrual flow or excreta are sometimes also handled in a similar manner. When emissions are expected in cases involving mild intermittent incontinence or nearing the commencement of the menstrual cycle, such products are typically used as a precaution merely to avoid the consequences. When no emissions occur, the article is still disposed of for hygienic reasons, which results in unnecessary costs to the consumer and an additional burden on our environment, even where the products are biodegradable. While mild perspiration is typically evaporated through many clothing fabrics, heavy perspiration can wet materials and thereby become visible and leave perspiration stains after evaporating from the cloth. Washable or disposable panels are often attached to clothing articles to absorb these minor emissions such as, for example, armpit panels to absorb excess perspiration and inserts for nursing bras.

Night time emissions (i.e. during sleep) can result in soiled or wetted bedding. The bodily fluids may soak through the linen and into the mattress or may become trapped against the person’s skin for a long period of time before the person wakes up, which may result in skin irritation and increased odour. Where emissions during sleep are expected, it is often the solution to provide so-called “rubber sheets” which tend to be both liquid and vapour impermeable. While such solutions prevent the emissions from soaking into the mattress, they do not necessarily permit ready evaporation of the liquid.

The women’s menstrual question is a completely separate issue but fortunately it has been effectively addressed with the ReleafTM undergarment. Involuntary emissions often lead to embarrassing situations where they exude through and are visible on clothing and/or result in transmission of odors. Women generally feel very insecure during their menstrual cycle. Women feel that they cannot wear bright colours; they often wear dark clothing and longer tops in the event of strike through.

The solution to this particular problem can be found by choosing to wear Releaf, a product designed specifically for light days which eliminates all the insecurities that women may face.

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