the dawn of a new GREEN fabric

A major INNOVATION in the fabric industry! Made of two fine juxtaposed layers, MYSTEX™ fabric combines the breathable, anti -bacterial, absorbent effect of high tech antimicrobials fibers with a revolutionary thin film. Hygienic MYSTEX™ thus absorbs and retains the loss of bodily fluids and odours. MYSTEX™, No more embarrassing moments, MYSTEX™ retains and absorbs any fluid, or solids and reduces the odours, no more deterioration of components.

MYSTEX™ can be made in multiple layers for a more comprehensive finish on both sides of the fabric.

Goodbye to apprehensions, and anxieties. Hello to freshness and Security!

Leak Proof

• Its high-density exterior film allows no passage of fluids or solids.

• Its hydrofolic fibers designs ensures the interior layer remains extremely comfortable.

• MYSTEX™ fabric is twice as light as cotton or polycotton

High Absorption

• Its protective fiber can retain up to 4g (ml)(per gram of fabric) of fluid loss.

• The absorbency of the fabric is up to three times better than that of conventional fabrics.


• Its innovative characteristics allows continual breathability even through accumulated fluid losses.


• The fabric uses the advanced technology of antibacterian hygienic textile products to feel fresh and secure.


• Material properties substantially retained after 50 domestic washings.

MYSTEX™ is a trademark of TRI-SIS INC.

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